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Our core business is identifying, approaching and assessing key individuals and recruiting them into senior roles internationally. Whilst at first glance our processes may seem very similar to other organisations, our clients tell us that it is our people, our processes and the results we deliver which set us apart.

We partner closely with our clients, understand their business and their strategic goals which ensures we are in the best position possible to recruit the right individuals who possess not only the right core competencies and experience, but also the right culture fit.

With each assignment we are committed to quality and excellence, which is why we have such a high repeat business rate.

Pinpointing your specific requirements

Our partnership begins with a detailed brief where we are able to formulate not only the key competences for the role(s), but also the cultural fit and the impact this role has on the overall business. 

Careful questioning based on many years’ experience enables us to formulate the ‘perfect person profile’.  The same Consultants involved on taking the brief handle the assignment from inception to completion, ensuring continuity and accountability.

Our senior consultants are business-led people, able to understand each role and the impact of that role on the business as a whole.  Careful and deep questioning ensures we can screen people throughout the process, ensuring you are only presented with highly qualified and appropriate candidates

Identifying the very best people

Our approach to every assignment is based on building the strongest list of prospective candidates for the specific role/s. We take a fresh approach to each position and our initial focus is on quickly building our lists of potential target companies where the right candidates will be employed. 

We utilise various routes to building our target lists and including our extensive network of contacts and in-depth marketing knowledge we are able to identify where the right individuals are.  More often than not they are successfully employed elsewhere and are not actively looking to move organisations.

Approaching and engaging candidates

One of our core strengths is our ability to quickly engage and build rapport with key individuals in the market and this is a major factor in our success - candidates see us as ‘trusted advisors’ and will engage openly with us.  They appreciate our reputation in the market, our market knowledge and the professionalism of our approach.

Due to our partnership approach, we are able to expertly represent our clients and to articulate a professional overview of their culture and strategy, ensuring we are answering any concerns a candidate may have.

In-depth qualification

Once we are engaged with an individual we evaluate their skills based on the initial brief and the key competencies required.  We quickly identify motivations, ambitions, experience and culture fit. 

When presenting candidates we highlight key achievements and revenue responsibilities where appropriate, which prove useful discussion topics at interview stage.  Given our experience and broad network, we often utilise informal reference points in assessing whether a candidate is a strong fit to a client’s specific requirements.

Effective management of hiring process

Working in close harmony with our clients we ensure that each client has the best opportunity of employing the candidate of choice by ensuring we are a good sounding board and assist in the final negotiation stages, hand-holding to successful offer and resignation.  The demand for the best candidates is at an all time high;  the ‘trusted advisor’ status ensures a win-win for candidate and client and our assistance can mean the difference between making a hire and a candidate being counter offered.

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