Research Prior To Interview

We cannot stress how important it is to thoroughly research the company you have an interview with. With Internet access readily available, there is no excuse for not being informed prior to an interview.

At Kingston Consulting we provide a detailed Briefing Pack on all our clients, which usually contains 30 - 40 pages of useful information not only on the Company, Products and latest press releases, but often information about the company benefits and working environment. This together with the Job Specification should give you most of the information you need to know. However, always take a look at a company's website to get a feel for the company, how it markets itself and it is always useful to make sure that you know the basics before an interview:-

  • Background about the company / formation / management team
  • Turnover and latest results
  • Product information relative to your interview
  • Latest Press Releases
  • Case Studies

By researching the above, you will demonstrate at interview that you have taken the time to learn about the company.

It is important the day before an interview to check the company’s website news section, to ensure you are abreast of any news announcements.  Nothing worse than going to an interview and being asked “what do you think of our announcement” and having to admit that you don’t know what they are referring to!

Finally make sure that you have spoken with your Consultant at Kingston Consulting before interview to clarify any points or to answer any questions you might have before you attend interview.  Please ring your consultant after the interview whilst it is still fresh in your mind with feedback on the meeting.

Download a copy of The Candidate Handbook PDF here

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