Preparing a CV

We always re-type candidate CV's into a standard house format prior to sending to a client as we know the format and information clients like to see.

Following an interview with a Senior Consultant, you will be advised as to what we feel is missing and how best to represent yourself on paper.

Whilst information such as detailed education, hobbies and contact details are important, these can be summarised and are not often as important as your current successes, business value, P & L budgets, deal wins, achievements against target, specific projects involved in and key achievements.

We recommend that a CV should be clear, concise and informative and Kingston Consulting will give you advice and help on how to structure your CV. Briefly for each job you should have the following:-


3-4 lines about the company you are working for, the division you are working in if it is a very large company and your remit on joining.


- outline in BULLET POINTS your key responsibilities

Key Achievements 

- outline your key achievements. Things which have made an impact on your time in the job, projects you have worked on and the size of the project / sale and names of clients worked on or won.

Industry Training 

- Any CURRENT relevant training including sales, technical or personal development training

By keeping to the above - especially the bullet points, your CV should be easy to read and will show:

  • Who you worked for
  • What you did
  • And, what you achieved

Download a copy of The Candidate Handbook PDF here.

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