Counter Offers

By taking the decision to go on interview at another organisation it usually indicates that the role you are currently in is not meeting all of your requirements and aspirations.

If you are in a stimulating role, being valued and earning a fair or good level of income then there would be very few things that would make you move.

To this end, having gone through an interview process with the result being the offer of a new role, then comes your decision. Should I stay or should I go now (a well known song comes to mind!).

You then are in the difficult position of having to choose the role you know or the new opportunity? Which do you choose?

Counter offers are inevitable from time to time, and there are some things you should consider before making your final decision – these valuable points come from many years working in the executive search field:-

  • Firstly, if your current employer values you so much, why has it taken an offer from another company for them to “counter offer” you
  • Secondly, once your current employer knows you have been looking at alternative jobs, this will always be on his/her mind
  • Accepting a counter offer is offer career limiting, and in many cases it enables the current employer to find a replacement in their own time, rather than having their hand forced.
  • They will always doubt your commitment
  • They offer a promotion suddenly – Why? Surely if they felt you were right for the role they should have offered you the job without getting to this stage.
  • They will always be thinking of succession planning, unsure of your loyalty from now on.
  • Are the issues which made you consider a new opportunity first of all really going to change?

In our experience, in 8 out of 10 counter offer situations, the candidate who stays eventually (typically 6-9 months) leaves anyway, because the original reasons have not gone away, and the promotion or pay rise has only temporarily made you feel better about the role.

Therefore in conclusion, carefully consider counter offers, as you will no doubt regret your decision, as those original niggles that made you look in the first place rarely go away.

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